1. Patch Notes - 6.21.2023

Patch Notes - 6.21.2023

We hope you’re enjoying the new resizable game window and taking advantage of all the latest bonus building events. This latest patch has a number of fixes and improvements we think you’ll appreciate!

👆 Inventory sorting is here!

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No more dropping and picking up to move items around in your inventory. You can now drag-and-drop items in your inventory. Organize and optimize to your heart’s content!

🌒 The sun and moon return

The sun and moon play an important role in recognizing time of day and for years they’ve been missing from the universe. Perhaps by the magic of Qor? The curse has been broken and the sun and moon are back. Riija mages will be able to gauge the strength of their spells by looking at the moon’s height, and the Sun will dazzle you with its light.

☂️Umbrella is back

Shal’ille mages have been long-missing this powerful and curious spell, which has undergone several interpretations over the decades. Now, it will act as a personal defense-boosting enchantment, with added protection against the undead inhabitants of Meridian.


Client Updates

  • Inventory items can now be sorted manually using a new drag-and-drop function.
  • Fixed an issue with the sun and moon not appearing in hardware rendering.
  • Fixed an issue in which objects would vanish along the edges of the game window.
  • Fixed an issue with the stat bars “breaking” after system saves.
  • Sped up the game framerate when the application window is in the background.
  • Added new chat message colors: Cyan “c”, Yellow “y”, and Lime “g”
  • Fixed a bug causing a player’s safety (preventing/allowing ‘innocent’ harm) to toggle under certain conditions.

Spell/Skill/Item Changes

  • Kara’hol’s Curse can no longer be recast if already active.
  • Added new condition descriptions for bows.
  • Umbrella is now a self-enchantment and provides scaling protection from the undead.
  • Potions now include their color in the description.
  • Gauntlets can now be swapped without needing to first be unequipped.
  • Fixed several issues with Second Wind (released back in January 2023).

New Player Experience Changes

  • Players leaving Raza will be granted 200 vigor.
  • New items have been added to Raza’s shops to provide more variety and utility.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Prisms on the floor will no longer be removed during the game’s room cleanups.
  • The Riija Sword is now excluded from the list of items that can be lost when falling from the Temple of Riija bridge.
  • Guild allies above the rank of Initiate can now enter allied guild halls.
  • Fixed an issue in which Jala casters could inadvertently leave behind a room enchantment that caused issues for others.
  • Shrine allegiances and power levels will now be reproduced in the event that they or the overall state of the game needs to be recreated.
  • Chess boards now show your pieces on the bottom.
  • Improved the visibility of safety on/off messages.
  • Fixed missing textures and texture alignment issues in a number of rooms.
  • Misc game config cleanup.

Development Tool Changes

  • Added a Visual Studio Code extension, Blakod Support, to the codebase to aid in the development of Blakod files. This extension can also be found in the Extensions Marketplace for VS Code.
  • Updated room files to use floating point to resolve room editor crashes.
  • Updated several of the room editor’s key bindings to match modern standards.

Included in this release are contributions from Toko, Si, Aesica, Ouija, and Diggie. Thank you for your contributions to the game.

See you in the game!