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Meridian 59

Experience the living legend of MMOs.

Fight alongside friends, side with powerful factions, explore diverse environments, and experience gameplay that came to define an entire genre.

Totally free • No microtransactions • No pay to win

Classic Gameplay
Dive into a world of pixelated charm! Experience a world evolving since 1996.
Define Your Hero
Craft your own unique character with a skill-based, non-class advancement system.
Original PvP
Hunt down outlaws and murderers in Meridian 59's signature player-versus-player combat.
Player-Driven Justice
Enforce the law through force or become a Justicar and wield the gavel.
Open & Inclusive
Connect with a welcoming online community of global players.
Open Source & Evolving
Contribute to community-driven updates through open-source.
Mockup of the original Meridian 59 PC game box
"While there are certainly bigger M.M.O.G.s, I’m not sure there were ever better games" New Yorker
"Meridian 59 keeps evolving long after its original servers were shut down" Waypoint / Vice
"Meridian 59 may not have been one of the biggest games in the genre, but it was arguably one of the most important" Massively OP
"This game is dripping with style and heart. It was made with the best intentions, and that still shows" Josh "Strife" Hayes
"Its gameplay and lasting value make Meridian 59 shine" Gamespot
"Arguably an extremely important historical document in the history of (online) videogames" Eurogamer


A screenshot of Paddock, owner of the most popular bar in the world. A screenshot of Princess Kateriina, leader of one of the games three joinable factions. A screenshot of one of the games towns showing several shops. A screenshot of a large castle guarded by soldiers. A screenshot of the game UI window showing the player's view, their inventory, the surrounding map area, the chat window, and so on. A screenshot of a group of players standing together in a dark, damp environment.
The Original Soundtrack

Listen to Gene Rozenberg's Original Score

Meridian 59

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