1. Patch Notes - 12.13.2022

Patch Notes - 12.13.2022

The team is excited to announce a number of bug fixes, improvements, and most notably – window resizing support! If you’ve played in the modern era, you’ve undoubtedly struggled with game window size. Well, struggle no more. Also in this release are various bug fixes addressing a variety of issues. Oh, and one last thing. Enjoy the “new” splash screen!

📐 Window resizing support is here.

The game window is now fully resizable, all the way up to full screen! Additionally, the height of the chat window can be resized by dragging. Requests for fullscreen support have come in over the years and it’s finally here thanks to collaboration between player Abjurer and Zaphod himself.

🔑 Rent a room in Ko’catan.

Always trying to make a buck, Moxal has opened up rooms in the Ko’catan Inn for rent. Rooms in the Ko’catan Inn also feature an exclusive local wall and floor texture. Take a trip to Moxal and ask about renting a room.

💚 Raza improvements.

A couple different issues had popped up in the Mausoleum, the most notable of which was blocking the pit area from resetting. These issues have now been resolved and new players can take full advantage of the pit.

Advancement Changes

  • Increased player gains received when part of a monster kill. An additional bonus is given to new players, so get out there and fight together!

Spell/Skill/Item Changes

  • Added an audible cue when casting Light.
  • Added messaging and a personal enchantment icon to Second Wind, making it more obvious when the skill’s effects are active.
  • Updated Mark of Dishonor to allow for casting on monsters and temporarily halt aggression.
  • Removed karma requirement from vampiric weapons.

Monster Changes

  • Updated Orc Wizards audio cues for when they become aware of player presence and when they are vanquished.
  • Added missing Dark Angel sound resources.

Client Updates

  • Updated the splash screen to the original splash screen 🦉
  • Fixed missing splash screen music 🎵
  • Window can now be resized up to full screen, and the height of the chat window can be adjusted via dragging.

World Improvements

  • Adds the ability to rent rooms from Moxal in the Ko’catan Inn.
  • Fixed the Mausoleum so that monsters will no longer spawn infinitely under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the Mausoleum so that monsters who manage to find their way behind the levers in the Mausoleum will no longer block the pit area from resetting.
  • Fixed the lighting effect of several surfaces in the Royal Library of the Bourgeois Castle.
  • Updated the Temple of Riija bridge so the occasional item loss due to falling “deaths” excludes important items like room keys and bonded equipment.

New Additions

  • Administrators can now adjust the maximum number of days a player can pay advance rent for a room.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue in which Nerudite Arrows would not shatter on impact.
  • Fixed an issue in which Silver Arrows were not doing the intended double damage to undead.
  • Increased the capacity of Metal Chests in guild halls.
  • Increased the capability of Wooden Chests in guild halls.
  • Fixed an issue in which new timers were being unnecessarily created when casting Create Weapon with a full inventory.
  • Improved the appearance of in-game player names.

Included in this release are contributions from Abjurer, Doom Pig, Gar, Thorbenn, marcelkauf, marksturm, Broodhill, skittles1, Hektic, Ouija, Mayhem, Nagath, Zaphod, Zandramas, and Q. Hail contributors!